John Lasseter and Skydance Animations are proud to present a new feature-length animated musical, Spellbound, with a beautifully written soundtrack created by Alan Menken, one of the industry’s most brilliant composers. A former Disney creative, Menken was the driving force behind Tangled’s hit ballad, I See The Light.

The movie’s stunning musical score accentuates the exciting plot about a princess whose kingdom is under threat. Her parents have been turned into fantastical beasts by a magical spell and she has to find a way to undo the spell before it’s too late. Viewers young and old alike are sure to enjoy the exciting adventures and meaningful moments throughout the movie, all accentuated by stunning, new music.

Spellbound was written by the creative trio of Lauren Hynek, Elizabeth Martin, and Linda Woolverton, all of whom have contributed to some of Disney’s most beloved and well-written masterpieces. Hynek and Martin worked together on the script for Mulan, while Woolverton penned the poignant and memorable stories of Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. With a multitude of great minds behind Spellbound, audiences are guaranteed lots of excitement, witty jokes, and maybe even a few tears.

Another talented personality involved in Spellbound is director Vicky Jenson, who teams up with Skydance Animation’s leading creative director John Lasseter to create a movie full of music and fun. Jenson’s most notable work was on Shrek, one of the most successful original animated family hit movies to date. The duo enlisted top voice talents in Hollywood, like Nicole Kidman, Rachel Zegler, John Lithgow – who voiced Lord Farquaad in Shrek – Nathan Lane, Jenifer Lewis, and Javier Bardem. With a star-studded cast and a memorable musical score, Spellbound is soon to be a family favorite.

Talented lyricist Glen Slater joins Alan Menken to write the film’s musical score. The pair worked together on I See the Light from Disney’s animated hit feature Tangled. The song, which was nominated for both an Oscar and a Golden Globe award, inspired a beautiful ballad for Spellbound, which Jenson predicts has the same powerful draw.

This new song is featured during the movie’s opening scene when the princess is feeling forlorn and thinking about what her life used to be like before the spell turned her parents into wild monsters. The film has a little bit of everything for everyone, from meaningful life lessons to great music and plenty in between.

John Lasseter, whose previous works include some of the most well-known animated films, brings his creative skill and unique way of thinking outside of the box to Spellbound. Having led teams of designers, animators, writers, and other key industry professionals for films like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, The Fox, and the Hound, and The Incredibles, John Lasseter knows what makes a great family animated filmSpellbound is a fun, exciting, and emotional ride from start to finish, and audiences of all ages are sure to love the new music, lyrics, characters, and more.

Like many of his other films, John Lasseter’s Spellbound injects just the right amount of fun, challenges, and emotions to leave everyone watching feeling like they got something meaningful from the movie. Audiences of every age will love the hilarious antics, thrilling adventures, and all-new songs that are perfect to sing along to.

Skydance Animations is a feature-length animation studio aimed at bringing visually stunning, well-written, and beautifully scored films to life with the best talent in the industry.  The studio’s other recent works include the feature-length film Luckand the animated short Blush.

By Manali