Slots are a much-loved online casino game worldwide. It is fun, exciting, and lucrative.

The online casino industry has seen a lot of variations and innovation thanks to evolving technology. If you have played online slots lately, you have seen the much progress that has occurred.

So many new features have been introduced, and several variations of popular games have also been introduced with several different and exciting themes – visit Pay by Mobile Slots now.

 One exciting feature of the online slot machine is the Auto Play Feature. As you will see below, it is a valuable feature but has its share of limitations.

The Advantages of Autoplay in Slots

The autoplay feature wouldn’t be included in almost all online slots if it didn’t bring any positive experience. Below are some of its advantages.


Online casino game developers are constantly looking for ways to make their gameplay easier and more convenient. The Autoplay function accomplishes this mission. Not everyone playing online slots sits on the edge of their seat; sometimes, you want to sit back and let the reels spin away. The Autoplay can help you achieve this.

Autoplay doesn’t interfere with the way the game plays or the outcome. It can also trigger bonus features so you won’t miss out on any of the online slot’s actions.

The Autoplay function will be helpful if you are playing with a large bankroll. Rather than pressing the spin button hundreds of times in rapid succession, you can let Autoplay do the work. It is also ideal for anyone playing more than one game in their browser or if you are playing on your mobile device and don’t wish to stare at it constantly. With this feature, you only select the number of spins you want to play and then return to doing other things.

Various Settings

Depending on the slot you are playing, you will see several options that you can choose from that determine how Autoplay plays out your spins. Typically, the game will allow you to choose how many spins the Autoplay can make. Some are more advanced and allow you to set the win and loss limits, control the playing speed, or even stop Autoplay when you trigger a bonus feature or bonus.

Time Saving

Although most people play online slots when relaxing, only some have the time to sit and watch the reels spin. Autoplay is an invaluable feature for saving time as it allows the reels to spin automatically, eliminating the need to click and wait for every spin.

Disadvantages of Autoplay

Although Autoplay has several advantages, it doesn’t come with flaws. Below are some of its cons.

No Variance in Bet Size

Although Autoplay is set to do a few things, there are some that you need to do yourself. For instance, you are responsible for setting the bet size for the spins. The game won’t be able to change this value. Therefore, if you have a winning strategy that requires you to change the bet size, then Autoplay will interfere with that strategy.

Eliminates the Fun Factor

This is the biggest disadvantage of the Autoplay function. Many players feel that the best part of playing online slots is the experience itself. Although the Autoplay feature is convenient, it detracts from the fun and the anticipation of the results of each spin.

By Manali